vendredi 10 mai 2013


C'est fait!!! Mon livre...

Curry, Kiwis et caïpirinha
un voyage illustré autour du monde

...est né! 

Retrouvez-le en librairie (en Suisse pour l'instant) dès la semaine prochaine!!

vendredi 23 novembre 2012


Les éditions indépendantes suisses Hélice Hélas ont décidé d'éditer mon blog sous la forme d'un beau livre, recueil des quelques 130 dessins réalisés pendant mon tour du monde! 

- 1 au 5 mai 2013 - 
et dans les librairies, OF COURSE!

dimanche 12 août 2012

Home sweet home!

After all, it's not so bad to be at home too! 

Wooden birds garland brought back from Caraiva - berries syrup - craft beer - 

lundi 16 juillet 2012


There we are, in the plane going back home...
We come back grown up from this world trip, happy to belong to this humanity who gave us so much!

My reflection on the screen - Matthias watching Wrath of the Titans, so lucky!

lundi 9 juillet 2012

Brésil IX (Bahia)

View of Salvador (Rio Vermelho); after Caraiva, what a change!

¨Fitas¨ of Bonfim Church, one of Salvador da Bahia´s symbols
(and a perfect gift to bring back for our friends).
The tradition is that you tie it to your wrist with three knots, and make a wish for each knot.

Day-1: tomorrow we go back home!

Before we leave Brasil, I want to remember what brasilian people are crazy about!

- Iced cold beer - To the point that they serve it in isothermic protection
- Cakes - For breakfast or for a snack, the daily consumption is huge!
- Coconut water - refreshing, delicious, cheap, nutritive,... it´s THE beverage of brasilian´s coast!

We watch the eurocup final in front of Caraiva´s grocery store, feets in the sand!

mardi 3 juillet 2012

Special Guest - Ronan (11 ans)

Roda de Capoeira avec nos amis de Caraiva! 
Juliano - Pedro de Para - Silmar - Charuto - Iratan - Matthias - Dora

Capoeira with our dear friends of Caraiva!
Juliano - Pedro de Para - Silmar - Charuto - Iratan - Matthias - Dora

Brésil VIII (Bahia)

We end our world trip on a beach, where we are the only ones! The programm is: surf, football, capoiera,...

Our breakfast (during three weeks!!!) 
Yoghurt/Bread/Scrambled Eggs/Papaya/Granola/Pinapple Juice/Tapioca Cake/French Toast/Cake/Coffee/Honey/...

Since we arrived in Bahia, we don´t stop drinking juices made of fruits which names are totally unknown to us! None of them look like any fruit we have in Europe!! Perturbing...

lundi 18 juin 2012

Brésil VI (Bahia)

Brasil is the kingdom of football... 

each brasilian is fan of a team and shows it!)
- fisherman´s boat ¨Botafogo¨
- Birthday cake ¨Flamengo¨ (is often one meter long!)
- ¨Fluminense¨ tattoo on the calf!!
... And NEYMAR is its king! (to the extend that his young vassals wear the same haircut!)

Monday, fourth of June 2012, in the bookshop of Rio de Janeiro´s bus station...
After 10 months travelling always very cautious and caring our suitcases, it Just needs one second of distraction to lose all our values (exept passeport and money).
Fortunately, we did a back up (on DVDs) of all our photos and vídeos the day before!!

YEAH! We beat our record of the longest bus trip: 23hours!
There we are in Bahia state! As soon as we walk down the steets of Porto Seguro it is confirmed: the trash bins look like berimbaus! Thanks to CAPOEIRA!

An open-air movie, below the most beautiful sky I´ve ever seen, surrounded by all the kids of this remote village called Caraiva, it´s magical! It´s the initiative of Dani, a amazing french Guy, who does a great job with the native people.
(some watch the movie from behing the screen!) 

mardi 22 mai 2012

Brésil IV (Paraty)

We're working for Paulo and Chris who make tourists discover the fabulous "fjord of Mamangua" (Saco do Mamangua) in an sustainable way.

mercredi 16 mai 2012

Brésil III (Paraty)

Here we are, in PARATY for one month!
A nice little colonial town where life's sweet.
The stones of the historical center were brought by the portuguese. They were in the bottom of the ships, that went back to Europe with gold. 

BIG DISCOVERY: The Cashew nut grows on a tree and is only an appendix of a fruit! Now I understand why it's so expensive! 
Even in supermarkets we find cashew juice! 
Brasilians are crazy about it. 
In a can: orange-cashew

A stop in a small fishermen village, called Ponta Negra. It's so remote that after 12 years old, kids can't reach Paraty to go to secondary school.

When I grow up, I'll be a fisherman.

With my toy-boat I play at the beach. I dream about going fishing, as my father, and his father before him... I don't go to school because the one in the village only accepts little ones. And secondary school is in Paraty... Some girls here get pregnant when they are 14 years old.

lundi 7 mai 2012

Brésil II (Rio)

I confirm: Brazil is really the country of Caipirinha!!

"the original" that's always good…

… but the variations are worth the interest, like here a passion fruit caipirinha!

It even inspires the urinals, that have a good lime fragrance! (Matt told me!)

No tickets machines BUT an employee behind a turnstile INSIDE the bus!

The "fitness" trend in Rio!

I knew the cariocas' (inhabitants of Rio) sportive reputation, but didn't know this trend coming straight from the nineties!!!

Outfit with geometric prints

White socks is the thing-to-have! They go up to the knees (very comfortable in this very hot country!)

You can see them in the streets, going or coming back from the gym but… rarely in action!

jeudi 26 avril 2012

Brésil I (Rio)


The trendy gesture here is to give a thumb up for just about anything!!

Copacabana's itinerants salesmen (I)
- drinks
- biscuits
- suncream samples
- pareos about Rio de Janeiro

the bikini seller!
- bikini tops
- bikini strings
When he walks, the bikinis move all at the same time… it looks like a jellyfish!

Copacabana's itinerants salesmen (II)
- kid's toys
- lemonade
- everything!

How do you differentiate Ipanema and Copacabana beaches?


Of course, I'm not the only one who noticed it! Souvenirs are everywhere!

mercredi 4 avril 2012

Chili en coup de vent!

LA CHASCONA (the house's name)

In Santiago de Chile, we visited Pablo Neruda's house.
It's amazing! He drew the plans so that it feels like living in a boat.
He built it for Mathilde, you can read their initials on the windows! So romantic!

The graffiti you can see on the wall of the street that leads to the house.
And I could see his nobel price with my own eyes!!!

It's freezing outside in Santiago, we get into a small bar to get warm and watch a football game.

Walking around in the steep but colored streets in Valparaiso.

jeudi 29 mars 2012

Argentine IV

Most important object in argentinian culture: THE MATE!
(Thermos, bombilla -straw-, herb package)

Mate is a kind of tea that is drunk between family or friends. One after the other, and wherever you are! It's very bitter, but you get used to it!

The "maté" (recipient) comes in various shapes:
- the most basic (gourd) - the hippiest (wood) - the most cow-boy (leather)
- the most touristic (souvenir) - the most posh (silver and varnish) - the trendiest (zebra)
- the most farmer-style (cow foot) AND the maté-bag!!!

Argentina, the country of waiting-lines!


* Fernet-coca * you drink it in a huge plastic glass... people are crazy about it and take any opportunity to drink it!

* Beef's meat * grilled at the "parilla" (BBQ), it makes a whole nation happy!

The elevated trash cans are floating in the air!

mercredi 14 mars 2012

jeudi 8 mars 2012

Argentine II

I thought Buenos Aires would be a small city… I was wrong!
A single bus journey lasts one hour… and the itinerary isn't straight at all!!

The last trend for Buenos Aires bus drivers? Cover their machines and mirrors with synthetic fur… (hi,hi,hi!)

9pm: Barrancas de Belgrano.
The old (and young) people of the neighborhood get together at the "Milonga" to dance tango outdoors, every night… Magic!

jeudi 1 mars 2012

Argentine I

The around the world tennis-trip continues!

As soon as we get to Buenos Aires, we find ourselves on the central court of the "Copa Claro"!
We've been invited by our friend Carlos Bernardes, the "Roger Federer of umpires", who we met at the Australian Open!!

2pm: Carlos at work, during the doubles final
Our tickets, thanks Carlos! 

Matthias celebrates his 25th birthday in Argentina !!!


How to easily build a nice opera (success garanted!)
1. Take a sphere. Draw lines and triangles randomly
2. Cut out the triangles that are inside the sphere
3. Arrange them as you like
4. There you are, you can build!

mardi 21 février 2012

Nouvelle-Zélande / Christchurch

February 22nd, 2012

One year ago, day by day, Christchurch was hit by a horrible earthquake... You can still see trauma everywhere.

The city raises from its ashes. A new trendy neighborhood built with containers appeared downtown. With sounds of destruction in the background...

dimanche 19 février 2012

Nouvelle-Zélande III


Before /// After (shearing marks)
Kevin (New-Zealand) - He is from Ireland - And him from Scotland!

Sheared wool, the goal is to shear the sheep's wool in one piece!

We are lucky to attend to a "shearing gang". It's their full-time job and they go around the country to shear 300 sheeps per person PER DAY!

We spend a couple of days in a kiwi family and they make us discover… LOCAL FOOD!

BBQed Lamb
Blue cod, fished the same day
Oved-baked potatoes
The "PAVLOVA", national pride. A meringued cake with whipped cream and kiwis, of course!

dimanche 12 février 2012

Nouvelle-Zélande II

The joy of being in a camper van…
… and to sleep every night in a different landscape!

Even if we are not welcomed everywhere.

New-Zealand is a fishing heaven!
Matthias at work at 6am

Result: a huge salmon! (so huge that it doesn't even fit on the page)

jeudi 2 février 2012


Welcome to Kiwiland! 

Yes, yes, this funny bird exists! I even saw a few with my own eyes!

Ha ha! Shame on them! They don't even have wings! 
On the other hand, they have very powerful legs. They can give kicks to defend themselves! 

Observation # 1 : It's very trendy to buy something to eat at the "Drive Thru" and to eat it within your car, in front of the sea.

- 4 teenagers gossiping
- a lonely man with his newspaper
- a family with two kids

Observation # 2 : No, Maoris are not only on rugby fields performing the "Haka", they are well integrated in the society and proud of their origins.

Our home during one month in New-Zealand!
After 5.5 months to do and undo our suitcases, it's such a nice feeling! And we can AT LAST cook ourselves!

- Outside, our van is cool but inside it is even better!

Wine tasteries in the Malborough region make my head spin!!