dimanche 14 août 2011


Arrived in Delhi, we learn that they "forgot" our suitcases in Doha... We have to wait for the next flight from Doha to bring them. We sleep four hours on the airport's floor... BUT with my warrior's equipment I could sleep anywhere (earplugs, mask, inflatable pillow, backpack)!!

At the airport, I have time to observe the suitcases, a lot of them are covered with flowered fabric and tied up with a rope! I assume my lock is enough...

We travel in "sleeper class" only with indian people. A magical journey with people our age, we speak, eat and laugh. We are so happy!

Jaisalmer. The city is surmounted by a majestic fort. Inside the fort, we are amazed by the small streets and shops.


DAMMIT, it's hot!! We almost cannot breathe! It's more than 40 degrees outside. It's the first time in our lives that a temperature of 32 degrees (inside the hotel) feels refreshing to us... Matt is having a rest in the computer room of our hotel. The fan an absolute necessity!!

SAM DUNES, YEAY!! (tourist, rubbish, tourist, rubbish, rubbish, tourist, harasser, rubbish, tourist...)

In Jaisalmer, I love to get lost inside the fort. What an unique atmosphere!!

Mehranghar fort, JAIPUR. (I promise, it's the last time I draw a fort... but I have to say they are so many of them, and they are so beautiful in Rajasthan!!!)

Jodpur, the blue city. It's the Brahman's color. There we are invited by our friend Yogi to his house. His sister offers me jewels that could have belonged to a princess!

Small anecdote: here in India, there is no toilet paper. But an intelligent butt-refreshing system with variable-intensity water jet. Really useful, especially in case of digestion problems...

This is our everyday food!! If you find the best restaurant in town where only indians go, it'll only cost you 80 rupees (1.6 swiss francs). Waiters keep on passing by with free refill of every dish, it really is our paradise!!!

The rupees
Just in case you don't know how to count, drawings can help!! Let's not forget that illiteracy is still too high in India.
Udaipur, breakfast with amazing view on the city. I LIKE IT!!

Everywhere, in the city, the walls are covered with quite naive painting. When it comes to people, they are always profile-drawn, like in Egypt!!

Rain, at last!! And everything is flooded!!

WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?? Pushkar, 15 august 2011. Indian independence day and the TV show that goes with it.

In this country, construction sites look like matches-castels... Scaffolds are made of long bamboos, tide with rope...


 Such a different place from everything we have seen up to now in India!! It is an observatory built by Jai Singh King in 1728 right in the middle of Jaipur. There we could see different tools like a huge solar clock whose shadow moves at a speed of 4 meters per hour!

The TAJ-MAHAL!! We woke up before sunrise and are "almost" alone in front of this masterpiece. It is magnificent...

We are having such fun watching the tourists. The COOL thing is to take pictures so that the person on it looks like he is holding the Taj between his finger. Ahahah!!

Varanasi, 24th august 2011. While Matt is having the time of his life with a "double espresso" and me with a home-made iced-tea in a japanese café downtown, the bracelet merchant is ordaining his jewels carefully. Sweet atmosphere and total well-being...

Monks chill out next to the river. While other fill up their recipients with holy water.

Details of our day-to-day life.
- Indian shower
- Rickshaw (which prices have to be bargained, always!!)
- Milk Tea (tchai) in its clay cup, that you throw inside the Ganga after use!!

Bengalitola Street. Varanasi. From the SALA café, our head quarters!!

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Anonyme a dit…

Ben moi j dis que c'est encore mieux que des photos!!!
Magnifiques aquarelles ou je ne sais quelle technique;)!
Heureux de vous savoir bien arrivé!
Profitez c'est que le début!
bizz a vs 2

Anonyme a dit…

Un vrai bonheur de découvrir ces images dessinées, peintes et légendées...Merci de partager ces moments de décalages et d'aventures!Topo

claire a dit…

J'adoooooore!!! vite les prochains ;)

Emilie a dit…

magnifique !!!!! belle façon de faire découvrir aux gens votre voyage.... j'adore !!!!
bisous à vous deux et profitez de chaque instant !!!! Emilie

Anonyme a dit…

Bravo ma poule pour tes dessins! Jsuis hyper contente de pouvoir suivre votre voyage!

On se retrouve en europe dans un an?...
Plein de bisous!

hélène a dit…

C'est magnifique!
Bonne suite

Anonyme a dit…

Les concombres meutriers m'ont suivi jusqu'en Inde, E. Coli a failli avoir ma peau!!!

Mais il en faudra plus pour nous stopper, merci a tous pour vos commentaires! Ca continuuuuuue!!!


zaza a dit…

c'est super de vous suivre comme ça
prenez garde aux concombres masqués!

Emma a dit…

Super jolie tes dessins. Une regale chaque fois. Profite avec calme et j'espère que Mathias va à nouveau bien. Millions de bisous Marraine et co
Tu as lu mon message sur facebook?

Caroline a dit…

Chère Dora, bravo pour ton carnet de croquis, les dessins sont super! Toute bonne continuation et une bise affectueuse à tous les deux

Anonyme a dit…

Heureusement que la sangsue ne s'est pas manifestée en plein vol de la petite cachotière! Sacrée bestiole qui ne mérite pas une si jolie série de dessins humoristiques!!!Zadu