mardi 20 septembre 2011

Nepal II

Two weeks in an organic farm in Chitwan!

The Bhattarai family. They have been welcoming volunteers for the last six years in their farm!

Balram, the father, is 44. I admire his will to grow organically for ethical reasons. Being the only one in the area, and selling at the same price as other farmers, it isn't easy.

Our world at the farm:

- necklaces hanging next to the electric torch
- the clock, showing the same hour since the day we arrived
- teeth brushes under the roof, waiting to be used
- brooms, each one with its specific use (for inside, outside or both)
- the family cooker, in clay

Our nepali diet: THE DALBHAT!!!

We eat this dish every day, twice!!! At 10am and 7.30pm. All locally and organically grown, of course!!
Swiss dalbhat: We tried to cook röstis (fried potato pancake) and tomato salad, it was a disaster. The potatoes stuck to the pan, and they had never eaten raw food in their lives. You should have seen their faces!!!

Cultural considerations:

The national stool. Nepalis mostly sit on the ground, or on these small colorful chairs.
The national game. Bagh Chal, which means "move the tigers", is a game where the tiger must eat the goats, before being surrounded.

8 in the morning, Durga in her tiny kitchen, prepares chapatis, to vary from our daily rice!

At 1pm, the sun is strong. In the shade of the big tree at Abri Chowk, men play "Ludo". Concentration is at its highest point (so is gambling).

Sunday, 18th september 2011.
The ground is shaking!!
Luckily, in Chitwan, the earthquake is ligth!


Pour ceux que ca interesse, la famille Bhattarai a un site web crée par un volontaire:

In case you are interested, the Bhattarai family has a webpage, created by a former volunteer:

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