mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Nepal III

Katmandu! There we are!

I am charmed by its chaos where hinduism and buddhism get along with such elegance...

Before I fly to Thailand I still remember:
- the nepali calendar. There it isn't the 28th september 2011 but the 11th ashoj 2068!!
- the babies whose eyes are circled with black kohl
- Nepal's best yogurts in Bhaktapur, advertised in the streets on metal signs

2 commentaires:

hélène a dit…

OOOHHH Dora tu me fais rêver!

mar a dit…

que bien quantos recuerdos me trae este blog!!! los dibujos son geniales! seguire vuestro viaje por el blog, que vaya todo muy bien, disfrutar mucho!!!