mercredi 5 octobre 2011

Thailande I

Let's go to Thailand! With Matt's first (and not the last) Singha Beer!

Bangkok, the CHOC! After India and Nepal, I can't believe my eyes!!
- flat road
- no horns
- cars in lines
- taximeter (they cannot screw us)

As soon as we get to Bangkok,  Matt makes me go the the Thailand Tennis Open!
Luckily, I can draw to occupy myself!

We found my friend MAI! She's thai, studies art in Bangkok, and I met her in London last march.
She is trendy, oh yeah!

Drinking water machines are all over the place! And this is my new thai pant, it feels so comfortable!

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Au risque de me répéter, ça déchire!!!!

Raph a dit…

J'ai pourtant déjà vu des taximètres en Inde.. AVEC possibilité d'arnaques aussi! Ne jamais sous-estimer leurs capacités :)

Vos histoires font rêver!

Adri a dit…

C'était Roger qui jouait? :)