vendredi 11 novembre 2011

Myanmar (Birmanie)

First observation: the cars drive on the right side of the road, and the wheel also is on the right side. Not very handy to pass, with NO visibility!!!
Explanation: it's the star's fault!! Until 1974, during colonial times, they drove on the left side of the road. Then, the astrologer of the general advised him that the cars should drive on the right side, luckier side!!  

Second observation: the people are so beautiful!!! And so smily!!
Women make up with grinded wood, called "thanaka". It is to protect them from the sun but mostly to make them pretty! Even kids wear it, boys and girls! Almost all men wear the Longgyi, which is nothing but a skirt!!!

Third observation: in Myanmar, tee is free everywhere! I found my paradise!

In the bus, it's puke time, everyone has his own plastic bag (yummy) and our neighbour spends the whole journey with a fresh towel on his head!

Fourth (and last) observation: here, people chew like crazy!! with a mean consumption of 10 to 15 betels per day!!!

Scan of a burmese person: betel juice spreads in the mouth, a reddish liquid that makes people's teeth disgusting, and even sometimes prevents them from talking!

One important aspect of burmese culture: English football!!! Men from all around gather to watch TV at the closest teashop. Unbelievable to think that it's their only contact with the outside world...

In this country, it isn't forbidden to smoke in public areas. Therefore, lighters hang everywhere!!

In Mandalay, we went to the MOUSTACHE BROTHERS' show! They are dissidents and speak out about the country's problems. Which made one of them go to forced labour (jail) three times. They are prohibited from performing in front of a burmese audience!!


At dawn, on the boat between Mandalay and Bagan.

I love to see, early in the morning, young monks seek for offerings for their daily meal.

I am hallucinating when, by night, I find the same monks in the cybercafés, playing "Governor of Poker"!!

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Anonyme a dit…

Hooo j'aime trop!, CAm

Léonard & Emilie a dit…

toujours aussi magnifique de découvrir votre voyage de cette manière... on adoooore !!!!! keep going !!! bisous à vous deux ! Léonard & Emilie.

Anonyme a dit…

J ai toujours adoré ce pont et la lumiere au coucher du soleil...Merci de me le rappeler avec autant de talent! Bravo ma cherie ! Anouck

_coline_ a dit…

et à chaque image son style ! du chemin parcouru c'est con comme formule mais là ça s'y prête si bien, comme je suis jalouse !

Emilie et Spyros a dit…

C'est magnifique ! et tellement juste ! C'était cool de vous rencontrer sur ce lent bateau et de partager un bon moment.
On espère qu'on se recroisera sur notre route vers le Laos...
A bientôt et encore bravo pour les dessins et le regard

Anonyme a dit…

Vous m'avez ramené des chiques biensûr!
J'ai adoré le petit carousel ¦-)

Adri a dit…