jeudi 1 décembre 2011

Thailand VI

In Thailand, the King's everywhere!!

Thai people worship him, as much as Buddha!! We can see his effigy at the post office, in the street, in the shops, at people's place... everywhere!!!

I thought he was about 40 years old, but actually he is 84 years old, lives at the hospital and sits in a wheel chair. (I found on the internet an image of him now)

Everyday at 8am and 6pm, the national anthem is played in public places. Everybody freezes, it is very impressive!!!

Our comfortable room in Chiang Mai!! (Price: 350 bath, 10CHF, 8€)

We are settled down for three weeks in Chiang Mai. Ten days of intensive traditional massage school, it's a blast!!

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_coline_ a dit…

hmm... ça a l'air de faire mal votre kamasutra