jeudi 8 décembre 2011

Thailande VII

If it wasn't for its food, Thailand wouldn't be Thailand! Except the well-known curry and papaya salad, we can also find WEIRD things!!!!

- Small sticky-fluo-green muffins
- Deep-fried chicken feet
- black jelly
- eggs stick
- iced green tea with sweet condensed milk AND black jelly balls topping

On Skype, sunday evening. Speaking with my very good friend Anouck.

- "I'm free for a month!! But I don't know, what to do!"
- "Well... come to Chiang Mai!!"
- "... You really tempt me, guys!"

On tuesday, she was jumping in a plane!!!

Her hand, after two days in Chiang Mai! She cut her hand and we end up at the city's catholic hospital. Result: three little stitches! xxx

Hopefully, the doctors are helped by Jesus to heal Anouck (on the package: "We prescribe medicine, but Jesus Christ is the Healer")

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MG a dit…

mais non... mince anouck !

(dora, j'adore toujours autant tes illustrations)