dimanche 19 février 2012

Nouvelle-Zélande III


Before /// After (shearing marks)
Kevin (New-Zealand) - He is from Ireland - And him from Scotland!

Sheared wool, the goal is to shear the sheep's wool in one piece!

We are lucky to attend to a "shearing gang". It's their full-time job and they go around the country to shear 300 sheeps per person PER DAY!

We spend a couple of days in a kiwi family and they make us discover… LOCAL FOOD!

BBQed Lamb
Blue cod, fished the same day
Oved-baked potatoes
The "PAVLOVA", national pride. A meringued cake with whipped cream and kiwis, of course!

3 commentaires:

Emilie a dit…

tjs aussi cool de vous lire !!! magnifiques dessins !!!! on adoooore !! bisous,Emilie

Anonyme a dit…

Passionnant de suivre votre périple.Bravo Dora tes dessins sont magnifiques : je suis très impressionnée! Quel coup de crayon! Et en plus les commentaires sont pleins d humour! Amitiés à Mathias et à toi . Alba Carrard

Udo a dit…

Hey, really cool drawings ! Thx again for the lift from the dolphins to Owaka. :-) Enjoy your trip, Udo