jeudi 2 février 2012


Welcome to Kiwiland! 

Yes, yes, this funny bird exists! I even saw a few with my own eyes!

Ha ha! Shame on them! They don't even have wings! 
On the other hand, they have very powerful legs. They can give kicks to defend themselves! 

Observation # 1 : It's very trendy to buy something to eat at the "Drive Thru" and to eat it within your car, in front of the sea.

- 4 teenagers gossiping
- a lonely man with his newspaper
- a family with two kids

Observation # 2 : No, Maoris are not only on rugby fields performing the "Haka", they are well integrated in the society and proud of their origins.

Our home during one month in New-Zealand!
After 5.5 months to do and undo our suitcases, it's such a nice feeling! And we can AT LAST cook ourselves!

- Outside, our van is cool but inside it is even better!

Wine tasteries in the Malborough region make my head spin!!

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