jeudi 29 mars 2012

Argentine IV

Most important object in argentinian culture: THE MATE!
(Thermos, bombilla -straw-, herb package)

Mate is a kind of tea that is drunk between family or friends. One after the other, and wherever you are! It's very bitter, but you get used to it!

The "maté" (recipient) comes in various shapes:
- the most basic (gourd) - the hippiest (wood) - the most cow-boy (leather)
- the most touristic (souvenir) - the most posh (silver and varnish) - the trendiest (zebra)
- the most farmer-style (cow foot) AND the maté-bag!!!

Argentina, the country of waiting-lines!


* Fernet-coca * you drink it in a huge plastic glass... people are crazy about it and take any opportunity to drink it!

* Beef's meat * grilled at the "parilla" (BBQ), it makes a whole nation happy!

The elevated trash cans are floating in the air!

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Léonard a dit…

Toujours autant magique que les premiers (dessins), ça donne envie surtout au niveau du bœuf!
L'horloge tourne, profitez profitez!!!

La bizz