mercredi 16 mai 2012

Brésil III (Paraty)

Here we are, in PARATY for one month!
A nice little colonial town where life's sweet.
The stones of the historical center were brought by the portuguese. They were in the bottom of the ships, that went back to Europe with gold. 

BIG DISCOVERY: The Cashew nut grows on a tree and is only an appendix of a fruit! Now I understand why it's so expensive! 
Even in supermarkets we find cashew juice! 
Brasilians are crazy about it. 
In a can: orange-cashew

A stop in a small fishermen village, called Ponta Negra. It's so remote that after 12 years old, kids can't reach Paraty to go to secondary school.

When I grow up, I'll be a fisherman.

With my toy-boat I play at the beach. I dream about going fishing, as my father, and his father before him... I don't go to school because the one in the village only accepts little ones. And secondary school is in Paraty... Some girls here get pregnant when they are 14 years old.

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meravigliosi disegni...adoro l'ultimo! goditi ogni istante piccola!!! bisou Anna