lundi 18 juin 2012

Brésil VI (Bahia)

Brasil is the kingdom of football... 

each brasilian is fan of a team and shows it!)
- fisherman´s boat ¨Botafogo¨
- Birthday cake ¨Flamengo¨ (is often one meter long!)
- ¨Fluminense¨ tattoo on the calf!!
... And NEYMAR is its king! (to the extend that his young vassals wear the same haircut!)

Monday, fourth of June 2012, in the bookshop of Rio de Janeiro´s bus station...
After 10 months travelling always very cautious and caring our suitcases, it Just needs one second of distraction to lose all our values (exept passeport and money).
Fortunately, we did a back up (on DVDs) of all our photos and vídeos the day before!!

YEAH! We beat our record of the longest bus trip: 23hours!
There we are in Bahia state! As soon as we walk down the steets of Porto Seguro it is confirmed: the trash bins look like berimbaus! Thanks to CAPOEIRA!

An open-air movie, below the most beautiful sky I´ve ever seen, surrounded by all the kids of this remote village called Caraiva, it´s magical! It´s the initiative of Dani, a amazing french Guy, who does a great job with the native people.
(some watch the movie from behing the screen!) 

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