lundi 9 juillet 2012

Brésil IX (Bahia)

View of Salvador (Rio Vermelho); after Caraiva, what a change!

¨Fitas¨ of Bonfim Church, one of Salvador da Bahia´s symbols
(and a perfect gift to bring back for our friends).
The tradition is that you tie it to your wrist with three knots, and make a wish for each knot.

Day-1: tomorrow we go back home!

Before we leave Brasil, I want to remember what brasilian people are crazy about!

- Iced cold beer - To the point that they serve it in isothermic protection
- Cakes - For breakfast or for a snack, the daily consumption is huge!
- Coconut water - refreshing, delicious, cheap, nutritive,... it´s THE beverage of brasilian´s coast!

We watch the eurocup final in front of Caraiva´s grocery store, feets in the sand!

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